Beneficiaries Description: all 140 students of Small Masrik school, teachers and administrative staff of 30 people, as well as the whole community

Beneficiaries Description:  More than 150 disabled people (including solders) in Sevan and surrounding villages 

Beneficiaries Description: direct beneficiaries are 2,300 people among them 7-17 years old school children, indirect beneficiaries are 600 people (teachers, parents, other interested people) 

Beneficiaries Description: 130 disabled children of the Sevan Children Rehab Center

Beneficiaries Description: at least 80 disadvantaged small-scale farmers residing in the regions of Armenia (either already owning a small greenhouse or willing to construct one (up to 1000 m2)) on advanced technologies in greenhouse management through a series of online trainings and workshops.

Beneficiaries Description: Stakeholders' (student councils, parents, school administration, etc.) situation analysis in 100 schools (involving nearly 300 students, 200 parents, 25 school principals and 25 teachers, 8 focus groups involving 100 representatives from 100 schools) 

Beneficiaries Description: a total of 171 beneficiaries, of which 137 are students, 34 are teachers and support staff

Beneficiaries Description: At least 50 women entrepreneurs primarily residing in the remote regions of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: Around 200 students in Aygedzor and Chinary, around 130 students in Artsvaberd of Tavoush marz, 70 students in Yeraskh of Ararat marz and 20 students in Martouni of Gegharkounik marz. 

Beneficiaries Description: about 150 children and adults