Beneficiaries Description: 30 young Armenians from diaspora., Armenian Diaspora communities worldwide

Beneficiaries Description: At least 40 forcibly displaced Armenian families from Artsakh, currently residing in Gegharkunik region of Armenia, to become self-reliant by engaging them into an agricultural or other income generating activity through provision of livelihood assets (physical, human and financial) and possible access to housing. 

Beneficiaries Description:  More than 150 disabled people (including soldiers) in Sevan and surrounding villages

Beneficiaries Description:

Annual Target:
- At least 100 young people ages 18-35 will participate in business idea generation and orientation sessions from the targeted regions
- At least 50 young people out of the above mentioned 100 will participate in business planning trainings from the targeted regions
- At least 15 young people out of this cohort will receive subsidized loans to start or scale-up their business. 
- At least 20 young people will proceed with their businesses receiving ongoing support

Beneficiaries Description:

Direct: 700 school-age children who have been displaced from Artsakh and are currently residing in 60 different communities within the Gegharkunik region

Indirect: Armenian shoemakers and their families

Beneficiaries Description: 87 direct beneficiaries, including 63 students, 24 teachers, and administrative staff at Chambarak school #4

Beneficiaries Description: 164 direct beneficiaries, including 134 students, 30 teaching and support staff of Vanevan secondary school

Beneficiaries Description: 14-17 aged students of 50 secondary and high schools:  45 JMF schools which participated in the project during the last years in Armenia (Yerevan -13 schools; Gyumri-5; Vanadzor- 5; Vardenis-5; Talin-4; Chambarak-4; Armavir-3; Echmiadzin-2; Sevan -2; Gavar-1; Lernapat village -1), 2 schools from Javakhq/ Georgia, and 1(2) new school(s) from Stepanakert, Artsakh.

Beneficiaries Description: 

- 400 members  of the students’ councils of the 20 schools.
- the  students directly involved in the project activities/ students' initiatives: nearly 2,000. 

- the parents of the 20 schools
- the administrations and the staff of the 20 schools

Beneficiaries Description: 
at least 10 entrepreneurs during the project period will pilot the YBI Sustainability Toolkit co-created by YBI members focusing on environment, social and governance issues.
Indirect: at least 50 entrepreneurs each year will benefit from the designed Toolkit which will be incorporated in the learning modules.