The expression “Let’s play” has magnetic gravity. Attention to the game cuts you off from an actual reality and moves you into a world where you can rearrange and reorganize easily, even in the most difficult relationship. Unlike our confused and imperfect social-public life, the context of a game proposes temporary perfection, sets mandatory rules and becomes the ideal model of society. In the framework of the “Play it Fair” project implemented by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation, we tried to re-evaluate social behavior and attitudes towards one another with middle-grade students using game theory as a tool. Before starting the program, school-age children, their parents and teachers frequently emphasized in their conversations that they feel society views them (and sometimes their families) as inadequate. They spoke about daily problems and barriers they face. Also, they mentioned that the values which should create equality in social relations seem to be lacking or misinterpreted.

The Jinishian Memorial Foundation published the “Healthy Pregnancy” book in the framework of its Health program in 2014. The book is intended to improve the quality of life of pregnant women and child development through increasing knowledge of future mothers on healthy pregnancy. There are no restrictions on downloading the “Healthy Pregnancy” book; however, copyright rules and regulations apply. Our copyright regulations state that any copy of this book is to be used solely for the purpose of research or private study. Any use of the copy for other purpose may require the authorization of the copyright owner, i.e, of the Jinishian Memorial Foundation.

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