“Go … and let the people, their faith and the landscapes draw you into their embrace."

Rev. Charlie Hammil, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My favorite part was watching Jinishian work in person and interacting with the students and farmers who are succeeding with help from Jinishian’s programs. They treated us as honored guests, but we were the ones who were awed and impressed by their ingenuity and dedication.”

Tanya Karimi, Colorado 

“Thanks ever so much for the opportunity to experience the many facets of Armenia and Karabakh. There is much to process and so much to discuss about the trip and from the learning to which we were exposed. The essence of Jinishian, as has been distilled in my mind so far (my 30 second elevator speech), is as follows: ecumenical, sustainable, multi party focus, engagement and support toward goal achievement and beyond, re-engagement and giving back from those who have benefited from assistance.  “

Mary Pendleton, Arlington, Virginia

“… I was privileged to see the stunning beauty of Armenia, experience the authentic life of the country, and receive the hospitality of the Armenian people. First hand I witnessed the difference the Foundation makes in community, education, and economic development, in direct aid to disadvantaged families and in health services, spiritual uplift, and civil-society growth. I hope to return and participate in another Study Tour again in the future. The work done by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation is truly honorable. “

Charlotte Tanner, Ward Cove, Alaska

“…thanks again to you and the whole team that put together an incredible journey – what a rewarding experience! Thanks for the incredible gifts of the journey and most of all for all the work you and the team do with JMF.” 

Phil Asgian, St. Paul, Minnesota

“…you really gave us an insightful study tour. I was especially struck by the incongruence of all the beautiful crosses and churches, which testified to the endurance of Christianity in Armenia, on the one hand, and the challenge of restoring Christianity after so many years of Communism, on the other. I also found impressive the commitment of the people of Artsakh to holding fast to their Armenian identity.” 

Lois Aroian, Fairfax, Virginia