Students Councils’ Capacity Development (SCCD) Project

Beneficiaries Description: 

- 400 members  of the students’ councils of the 20 schools.
- the  students directly involved in the project activities/ students' initiatives: nearly 2,000. 

- the parents of the 20 schools
- the administrations and the staff of the 20 schools

Project Areas: Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Gavar 20 schools

Project Goal: the students of the selected schools are empowered and motivated to actively participate and efficiently operate the SCs in their schools, which will influence on the institutionalization of the SC structure, independence of the SCs and set-up of the environment for the students' rights effective protection. The school administration and students are collaborating in decision making processes, the relations among the school staff/ admin and students are transparent and based on mutual respect and trust, which will enhance the quality of education in schools.

Project Objectives:

a) In 90% of the schools the Student Council members have been “legitimately” elected: the election results have been admitted by the students and the elections were organized in accordance with the SC’ existing Bylaw.
b) In 75% of schools Student Councils members have had necessary skills and knowledge to participate in the school and community issues solving, decision making processes which are appropriate for students’ engagement.
c) In 70% of schools the school administration:
- eagerly and respectfully cooperate with the SCs,
- consider the CS’ positions in decision making processes,
- is transparent, and
- ensure a positive participatory atmosphere in the schools.
d) The existing SC operation models/Bylaw have been revised (upon need) and are in use in the schools.
Project Type:Self-initiated 
Start Date:March 15, 2023
End Date:June 15, 2024
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Ruben Krikyan
Collaborating organization (s):Schools and State Agencies responsible for the operation of the SCs 
Project Cost by JMF:USD: 84,299 AMD: 33,719,500
Beneficiaries Number:2,400