Spiritual Education and Experiences for Children 2007

Beneficiaries Description: 950 children aged 10-15 from ten remote villages of Lori, Gegharkounik, Syunik and Armavir Marzes.

Project Areas: All Lori marz (Lori), All Gegharkunik marz (Gegharkunik), All Armavir marz (Armavir), All Syunik marz (Syunik)

Project Goal: To enrich the Religious and Spiritual Lives of 950 children from ten remote villages from Lori, Gegharkounik, Armavir and Syunik Marzes.

Project Objectives:

  • To give 950 children/adults an opportunity to identify with their spiritual and religious heritage through initiating and facilitating interactive spiritual discussions, bible studies and presentation of live theatre performance
  • To enable children experience spirituality through immediate participation in prayers, celebration of Christian rituals/holidays, acceptance of baptism, organization of  pilgrimage to historical churches and in other activities.
Project Type:Self-Developed
Start date:09/01/2007
End date:06/01/2008
Coordinator/Respoinsible Person:Alina Hovhannisyan
Project Cost by JMF :AMD: 7,660,000   USD: 22,496
Beneficiaries Number:950