Right Approach-Healthier Being

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases among non-communicable diseases. About 50,000 people are suffering from diabetes in Armenia. The burning issue is the rejuvenation of diabetes, i.e. diabetes now starts in early childhood and continues throughout life, gradually becoming more debilitating if not controlled and treated early. Diabetes is not an entirely curable disease, but proper treatment may essentially reduce the severity of the disease. For children diagnosed with diabetes it is a turning point in life, since they should accept and understand numerous changes in their life activities including daily frequent blood tests and injections, rigid nutrition ration and balanced physical loads.

To improve the quality of life of children under 18 years suffering from diabetes in Armenia Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) initiated the ”Control and Management of Diabetes” project and established the Diabetes School at the Center of Children Endocrinology of Armenia. With help of leading specialist Dr. Elmira Pashinyan and center’s personnel doctors from remote areas of Armenia get professional training, children and their parents get informed about the main rules for diabetes control, learn to take care of themselves, measure glucose on their own, as well as get their own way to overcome the stress.

The 12 year-old Armenian boy Simon Vardanyan was born in Iraq. In 2005, due to the instable political situation in Baghdad Simon's family decided to move to Yerevan with expectation of new and happy life in homeland. Everything seemed to go the right way until that horrible day when Simon lost consciousness. Ambulance took him to the hospital where physicians diagnosed: Hyperglycemic Coma, Diabetes. Simon was immediately taken to the Center of Children Endocrinology where the Diabetes School functions. Simon and his mother joined the School. It was there that they met Dr. Pashinyan and other children. Everybody was ready to provide professional advice and moral support. Within the framework of JMF project Simon also got a glucose meter. Every month the “Armenian Diabetic Children’s Association” NGO and the Ministry of Health provide them with Insulin and visual strips free of charge.
Now Simon feels better gradually adjusting to the numerous changes happened in his life so recently. Simon’s mother is on constant contact with medical personnel of Diabetes School and is quite confident that the life of her son is in safe hands.

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