Beneficiaries Description: 30 regional doctors and population of beneficiary marzes in Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: 9 trainers, 30 trained village health post nurses and inhabitants of 30 villages

Beneficiaries Description: 20 regional medical doctors, 600 diabetic children and their families

Beneficiaries description: Direct beneficiaries are 1,200 – 1,600 high school students. Indirect beneficiaries include secondary school students, teachers, and school administrations of 80 schools.

Beneficiaries Description: 2,100 training participants /women, youth, university students, police representatives, community leaders/

Beneficiaries Description: 16 FAA member FOs with 700 member farmers from Yerevan and Armavir, Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Aragatsotn and Lori marzes.

Beneficiaries description: Over 239 families of the community, around 777 people

Beneficiaries Description: Population of 14 rural communities of Lori marz

Beneficiaries Description: 15 rural communities of Lori region (approximately 15,000 people)