Pajamas Production and Distribution

Beneficiaries Description: About 565 institutionalized children from boarding schools in Different Marzes of Armenia and 7 handicapped women from Stepanavan, Lori Marz

Project Area: Stepanavan (Lori)

Project Goal: To contribute to improvement of living conditions of the institutionalized children from boarding schools of different Marzes of Armenia by providing warm pajamas

Project Objectives:

  • Temporarily improved living/hygiene conditions of 565 institutionalized children from boarding schools from different Marzes of Armenia through provision of warm pajamas by the end of November 2007
  • Temporarily improved socio-economic conditions of 7 handicapped women from the town of Stepanavan through provision of temporary source of income for two months period of time
  • Support local “Full Life” NGO through providing an opportunity to employ existing equipment and skills, present their product to the Armenian community and initiate income generating activities for the continuation of the project for integration and development of handicapped children from Stepanavan
Program:Relief and Spiritual Uplift
Start Date:07/01/2007
End Date:11/01/2007
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Alina Hovhannisyan
Project Cost by JMF :AMD: 2,776,350   USD: 7,777
Beneficiaries Number:572