Support to Farmers

It’s already more than twenty years that Aram Mkhitaryan is involved in agriculture and stockbreeding in the Pokr-Vedi community of Ararat marz. He cultivates both his own and rented plots.  The main source of income comes from the sales of corn, wheat, barley and grapes. The sales of beef and pork also bring in an income for him.

Aram Mkhitaryan started his business from a small farm with low incomes and lots of social problems. Beginning from 2010 he started to cooperate with the CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC. Provided loans enabled the expansion of the farm and increase of incomes. From the year 2011 CARD AgroCredit started to provide loans through the Jinishian Memorial Foundation, and Aram received 3 loans in total. The low interest rate loan was an additional chance for Aram and other farmers to improve and expand their business, and agricultural sector of Armenia has benefited a lot from this collaborative work. Aram mentions, that he became inspired for new ideas and programs and decided to rent and cultivate additional lands.

Mkhitaryan’s success is evident. He managed to expand his farm from 0.5 to 7 hectares of land (including his own and rented plots), thus increasing the sales of fruits, vegetables and crops from 3 to about 14 mln. AMD. He also cultivates 1.5 hectares of alfalfa for animal feed and 5 hectares of barley and wheat on the plots, rented in the neighboring community.  He made much progress in the stockbreeding sector as well and managed to pay off his loan from the sales of pork meat. Currently he owns 10 calves and one pig, but he hopes to get a new loan from the JMF in order to increase the total number of pigs.  The incomes will increase the family’s well-being, providing grounds for the further programs implementation. 

Aram Mkhitaryan is not the only farmer, who managed to fulfill his plans and objectives through the JMF loans, there are others as well, who are looking forward to the long-lasting and effective cooperation with the JMF. 

The collaboration between the CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC and the Jinishian Memorial Foundation started in September of 2011, but the feedback of the mutual work already shows significant impact on the development of the agriculture in Armenia. This is an example that shows how the effective collaboration between different agencies can encourage and assist start-up businesses in rural areas.  

By Ruzanna Harutyunyan - Card AgroCredit 

Photo by Gevorg Aboyan – JMF