YES Beneficiaries Visit to the National Assembly of Armenia on October 27, 2015

On October 27 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation in the framework of the Youth Engaged in Society project organized visit to the National Assembly for debate club members from schools of Gavar, Vardenis and Gyumri cities, as well as from Tsovak, Kartchaghbyur, Karmirgyugh, Marmashen, Tsoghamarg and Aregnadem villages. During the visit debate club members met with Fatma Khachatryan, head of library, who recounted them the history of the National Assembly and organized a tour in the building of the RA parliament.  Also the students had an opportunity to be present at the parliamentary session and watch the speeches of some deputies.
In the frame of the visit the Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Artak Davtyan met with students. Mr. Davtyan presented the spheres of the activities of the Committee, the working order and the procedures of the elaboration of the legislative initiatives and the establishment of the decisions making process of the NA Standing Committees, the activities and the authorities of the legislative body. He also referred to the process of the constitutional reforms of public interest and the possibilities given by the draft law.

During the meeting Mr. Davtyan answered the questions raised by students. The meeting helped the students to have a general idea on the activities of the National Assembly.

The overall feedback of the students to the meeting was more than positive. Some students were very excited to be in the NA Session hall and took photos with Mr. Davtyan.

We are eager to continue cooperation with the National Assembly as this kind of cooperation has its vital role in the effective implementation of further phases of the YES project.

We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of the National Assembly for organizing effective visit for debate club members. 

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