Fast Impact Support Grants to Farmers’ Cooperatives

Beneficiaries Description: About 350 farmers from 8 agricultural farmers’ cooperatives and their families.

Project Goal: To alleviate negative consequences of financial crisis and year 2010 unfavorable agricultural season on farmers by delivering first aid agricultural inputs to agricultural cooperatives in Armavir,  Aragatsotn and Ararat marzes to start agricultural activities from early spring of 2011.

Project Type: Small grants
Start date:March 1, 2011
End date:May 15, 2011
Coordinator / Responsible PersonGevorg Aboyan
Partner Organization:Open Society Institute /OSI/
Project Cost by PartnerAMD: 9,125,000 USD: 25,000
Project Cost by Implementer: AMD: 9,855,000   USD: 27,000
Beneficiaries Number:350