Emergency Relief to Displaced People from Artsakh

Beneficiaries Description: about 5,000 displaced people from Artsakh

Project Areas: Armenia

Project Goal: to ensure the treatment of injured people from Artsakh in Armenia

Project Objectives: to purchase and provide urgent medications and health supplies, such us pain relief medicines and pressure sore matrasses to the hospitals where these people are getting treatment.

Project Type: Self-initiated
Start Date:September 28, 2023
End Date:November 10, 2023
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Collaborating organization:Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian Medical Fund
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 2,418,755  USD: 6,047
Project Cost by Armenian Medical Fund:AMD: 10,000,000  USD: 25,000
Beneficiaries Number:5,000