Digital Accelerator 2022

Beneficiaries Description: Within the "Digital Accelerator 2022" Programme, YBI is helping JMF to incorporate digitalization in a way that the most effectively supports in achievement of its goals

Project Area: Yerevan, Armenia
Project Goal: Implementation of the JMF Digital Accelerator Strategy by execution of various digital solutions to increase performance and effectiveness of its activities. 
- Deployment of Solutions Across Organization
- Regular Usage
  • # of staff using digital solutions
  • usage of solutions across year
- Usage sustained over time
  • continued usage of digital solutions over medium to long-term
Project type:Funded by Youth Business International (YBI), UK
Start:January 31, 2022
End:August 31, 2022
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Liana Sargsyan
Implementer: JMF
Collaborating Organization:
Youth Business International (YBI)
Project Cost by YBI: AMD 1,636,600 USD 3,340
Beneficiaries Number:23