Debate, Discuss and Change (DDC)

Beneficiaries Description: DDC project directly targets about 500 students and university graduates (18-30 years of age) of state 10 universities in Yerevan (nearly 100 students), Gavar in Gegharquniq region (nearly 100 students), Gyumri  in Shirak region (nearly 150 students) and Vanadzor in Lori region (nearly 150 students) keeping and considering the gender balance and diversity. The indirect or final beneficiaries of the project are the other students/graduates of the universities/community youth (peers of the project direct participants), about 4,000 in total: nearly 1,500 from Yerevan and 2,500 from Gavar, Gyumri, and Vanadzor, who will be influenced indirectly by the project activities. In addition the universities’ administration/faculty and other stakeholders in the field of education will indirectly benefit from this project’s implementation.

Project Areas: Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gyumri and Gavar 

Project Goal: to empower and provide the youth in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gyumri and Gavar with space and opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to efficiently conduct research, identify and deepen their understanding of hot social, economic and civic issues, and to freely and openly express their ideas via participation in structured and public debates. 

Project Objectives:

  1. The student/ youth have been provided with space, equipment, furniture and opportunity to organize, conduct, and participate in research, trainings and practice debates. The co-applicant NGOs are provided with necessary equipment.
  2. The youth/ students have developed knowledge and skills in organization and participation in debates and have increased knowledge in current social, economic, civic issues. The JMFs and co-applicant NGOs’ human resources developed and organizational capacities have been enhanced.
  3. The youth/ students enhanced engagement in civic participation on current issues the society faces.
Project Type: Self-developed
Start Date: October 1, 2017
End Date:September 30, 2018
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Ruben Krrikyan
Donor Organization:EU via Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (PRDF), Poland
Project Cost by Donor Organization:AMD 33,197,760  EUR 57,525  USD 68,448 
Implementer: JMF, Lori Development Center NGO, and “Compass” research, training, and consultancy Center NGO
Project Cost by JMF:

AMD 4,526,786  EUR 7,844  USD 9,333

Collaborating partners: 10 universities
Beneficiaries Number:500

 Official Facebook Page of Debate, Discuss and Change Project 

The DDC project is co-funded by the European Union and Jinishian Memorial Foundation. This project is implemented by the consortium of JMF, “Lori Development Centre” NGO, and “Compass” Research, Training and Consultancy Centre NGO within the scope of the “STRONG Civil Society Organisations for Stronger Armenia” EU-funded project’s Small Grants Scheme.

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