Creation of a Tutorial of the Armenian National Military Dances

Beneficiaries Description: The project beneficiaries are those who want to learn Armenian national military dances, in particular youth and soldiers of the Armenian Army.  

Project Area: Yerevan

Project Goals: 

  • Give every interested person an opportunity to learn Armenian traditional military dances.
  • Increase interest among the youth and in particular the soldiers towards Armenian culture and military art.
  • Enhance the spirit of unity and patriotism among the youth and in particular the soldiers in the army.
  • Fight against the well spread low quality culture and foreign influence in the Armenian society. 
  • Support the public school teachers and pupils while they learn military dances as a part of their mandatory curriculum.  
  • Having the current interest of the Ministry of Defense of RA, endeavor towards including “Military Dance” as part of the curriculum in Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute which will serve as a base to bring the military dances into the Armenian Army. 
Project Type:Unsolicited
Start Date:September 4, 2017
End Date:April 5, 2018
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Liana Sargsyan
Implementer:Karin NGO
Project Cost by Implementer:In-kind
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 8,180,264   USD: 16,867
Beneficiaries Number:1,000