Child Protection Hotline and Helpline Project

Beneficiaries Description: About 5,500 children, 15 calls per day, at risk and their families will receive telephone consultations throughout Armenia. Up to 1,000 children will be reached and supported by the CSC team.

Project Area: Yerevan

Project Goal: To strengthen the child protection system by establishing a new hotline helpline service for early identification and intervention for socially vulnerable children and their families.

Project Objectives: 

  • To increase the number of early identification and interventions amongst children and their families at risk through strengthening the hotline helpline service.
  • Capacity building training for childcare specialists
Project Type:Unsolicited
 Project Area: Yerevan
Start Date:01/10/2008
End Date:30/09/2009
Coordinator /
Responsible Person:
Zara Janibekyan
Implementer: “Children’s Support Centre” Foundation (CSC)
Partner: Beeline Telephone Company and FAR
Project Cost by Implementer:  AMD: 3 200 000 USD: 10 492
Project Cost by Partner:AMD: 2 582 000 USD: 8 465
Project Cost by JMF: AMD: 7 467 000 USD: 24 482
Beneficiaries Number:About 5500