Bringing Smile to Armenian Children on Christmas Eve

Christmas was rapidly approaching and all children were dreaming about gifts. Unfortunately, many impoverished children in Armenia do not experience the excitement of opening presents at Christmas season because many poor families cannot even afford to purchase basic necessities for their children let along Christmas gifts. Christmas is a time of despair for these children who have few reasons for enjoyment and it brings additional psychological problems for children who feel the meaning of being disadvantaged. Generous people responded at Christmas time, when even the strongest of spirits need a little bit of help. In December 2013 with the support of individual donors the Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) reached children from 5 marginalized villages of Vardenis region, Gegharquniq marz and children from Gyumri city, Shirak marz where harsh social and economic conditions were intensely reflected and conditioned by a number of factors such as severe climate conditions, unemployment and migration. The JMF delivered Christmas packages to about 302 children of 2-16 years old and each child was provided with a personal gift package which included a package of sweets, toys, warm pajama and warm blanket. The children were all cheerful and the looks on their faces were enough to show how much they appreciated the Christmas gifts the JMF had brought for them. Giving warmth, love and hope, that’s what Christmas is all about.

The JMF has more than 12 years of experience in preparation and distribution of Christmas Packages to children from vulnerable families and to the institutionalized children. Over the past years the JMF’s experience  proved that each gift provided to an impoverished child helps to bring some much-needed light into his/her gloomy childhood.

Christmas Packages Distribution Photos ...