Azat Qaghaqaci - New Studio Design

Beneficiaries Description:  The direct beneficiaries of the project are the students of 130 schools and 7 regional universities involved in the JMF’s debate club projects, totally 3000 students. The indirect beneficiaries of the project are the other students of the schools/ universities, parents, general audience of Yerkir Media TV Chanel

Project Areas: Yerkir Media Studio, Yerevan

Project Goal: To revitalize the TV debate projects and enhance debates’ attractiveness to the participants and general audience via a new studio design.

Project Type: Self-developed
Start date: October 14, 2013
End date:November 8, 2013
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Ruben Krrikyan
Implementer: Yerkir Media TV Studio/JMF
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 4,380,000    USD: 10,815
Beneficiaries Number:3,000