YES Beneficiaries Visit to the ATP Charitable Foundation

On October 26 and 29 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation organized informative and educational visits to the Armenia Tree Project Charitable Foundation for students from the debate clubs of secondary schools of Apna, Vardenis, Ashnak, Bazmaberd, Aqori, Hobardzi, Amrakits, Urut and Sverdlov villages, as well as from the debate clubs of Alaverdi schools #2, 8, 9 and Yerevan schools #103 and #127 in the framework of the “Youth Engaged in Society 2015-2016” project.  Around 49 students, the members of the debate clubs, and 5 mentors of the clubs participated in these visits. 

A two-hour meeting was devoted to the man-made environmental issues such as pollution and climate changes. During the meeting hot discussions took place about these issues and the students made some proposals on solutions of these problems. One of the students recommended using solar energy as an alternative to existing traditional energy resources emphasizing the fact that it would help to reduce air pollution and, thus, improve air quality. Another student put forward an interesting point concerning the climate changes. He offered to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as it was considered to be the key to the solution of global climate changes. At the end of the meeting the students came to conclusion that each of them played a key role in the process of solution of these man-made issues and was responsible for protecting the environment.  

In the second part of the meeting the students walked in the plant nursery. The experts showed them some unique plants and trees and explained how to preserve them. The students were very excited and were sure that this seminar would help them in their future debates and would serve a starting point for further cooperation with the Armenia Tree Project.

We would like to express our gratitude to ATP Charitable Foundation for organizing effective meeting and providing food to students during the visit. 

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