Art Classes at Naregatsi Art Institute of Shushi

Beneficiaries Description: In total 100 school age children of Shushi.  Indirect beneficiaries are their parents and local community participating in the events organized by NAI Shushi center.

Project Areas: Shushi, Nagorno Karabakh Republic

Project Goal: To enhance the cultural uplift of Shushi by creating opportunities for the children to get cultural education, appraise cultural and national values. 

Project Objectives:

  • To enrich the knowledge of more than 100 children on patriotic, religious and cultural deliberation by their active participation at the classes,
  • To enroot love towards art and culture among children, 
  • To teach more than 100 children a craft, which will help them to earn their living in future
Project Type:Small grant
Start date:March 01, 2010
End date:December 31, 2010
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Anahit Galikyan
Implementer:“Naregatsi” Art Institute NGO
Project Cost by Implementer:AMD: 9,607,130 USD: 26,321
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 8,028,495  USD: 21,995
Beneficiaries Number:100