Aqavik's Dream

Tsapatagh had a multi-purpose community center which was almost ruined. The building used to have a health center, a post office, a sewing workshop, a municipality office, musical, drowing and dance classrooms, etc. In 1989, when Armenians fled from Azerbaijan to their Motherland, some of them settled in Tsapatagh, that used to be inhabited mainly with Azerbaijanis. The new comers found the community center looted and partially collapsed. Despite its deteriorated condition, the bulding still served to the community for a few years also. Finally the community center was closed, as further exploition became dangerous. 

Since 2013 JMF is implementing Vardenis Development Initiative project in rural communities of Vardenis sub-region in Gegharqunik marz. Tsapatagh is one of the 23 communities targeted by JMF. In late 2015 Tsapatagh community activists came up with an ambitious community enhancement project, named «Community cultural center creation». The project leaders firmly insisted that the community is willing to revive the cultural life in the village and they will do their best to accomplish the project, to recover the art hub at the former multi-purpose community center.

Villagers passionately participated in all construction activities throughout the project implementation. They continuously expressed their impatience toward the end of long-awaited renovations. Displaced from different parts of Azerbaijan, people's lives will finally be filled with spirit of art and will become more interesting and meaningful by the end of the project. Since 1989, lack of facilities caused deprivation of the new comers from their songs and music, painting and crafts. And now the project will make the cultural life development possible. The cultural center will be the pioneer among the surrounding communities, and probably children and young adults of neighboring villages will come to Tsapatagh to learn art as well. 

Village life is not an easy one. Peasants are always busy, but not only with the seasonal work. It is difficult for them to find a guts and finances to take part in regional/national cultural events. Moreover, it is very challenging for them to send children to art classes, since there are no such centers neither in Tsapatagh, nor in other surrounding villages but not for the Aqavik's family.

Mother and grandmother of 14 year-old Aqavik Hovhannisyan also fled form Kushchi (Khachakap)  village of Dashkesan region of Azerbaijan in 1989. Aqavik loves to draw, and some say she is a gifted child. Spending 3 hours a day and considerable financial outlay, Aqavik's parents regularly take her to drowing classes at Sevan town, about 60 km from the village. Now, together with her peers, she will be able to take Ani Boyakhchian's drawing classes and realize her dream at the cultural center of  Tsapatagh.

By the end of the project, when the recovered cultural center operats, Aqavik will be free of physical stress and fatigue, that she faces to overcome the distance, commuting to Sevan. Furthermore her family will save lots of money that can be used for more targeted needs. Finally Akavik’s dream will come true and she won't have to deal with tiresome and time-consuming long distance to take her favorite painting classes. 
Thapatagh inhabitants are grateful to JMF for backing them on the way of realizing their dreams, and will always bless the families of philanthropists.