A Note from JMP's Executive Director, Regarding the Attacks on Armenians

Dear Friends,
Early morning on September 27th, neighboring Azerbaijan launched missiles into Artsakh, targeting peaceful Armenian settlements. Using heavy weapons, artillery and infantry, the rival is attacking the positions of the Artsakh Defense Army in all directions wounding and killing innocent civilians. In turn, to protect its people and the fragile border zone, Armenia ordered civilians to shelter and mobilized its army. As of now, there are hundreds wounded and more than a hundred people killed among the military, civilians, even children.
This is a time of grave danger. The fighting has forced vulnerable Armenians to flee their homes to escape Azerbaijani military attacks. JMP has mobilized all of our resources—both financial and human—to help refugees, the wounded, and those fighting for the right of the Armenian nation to live. We are calling on you, our supporters, to help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 to cover immediate needs:
With your help, JMP is determined to sustain the lives of these families until they can safely return to their homes. Your prayers and support matter more than ever.
So thankful for you and may God bless you,
Eliza Minasyan
Executive Director, Jinishian Memorial Program
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