20 Years in Armenia

On September 29, 2013 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) Armenia’s 20th anniversary celebration took place at the “Cross of Armenia Unity” NGO’s open space in Echmiadzin city. US Jinishian Memorial Program (JMP) Executive director, members of JMP US and JMF Armenia Advisory Committees, staff members, partners and beneficiaries were present at the event.

The Cross of Armenia Unity NGO president Grigor Babakhanyan, the JMP  Executive Director Eliza Minasyan, the JMF Armenia Director Armen Hakobyan, the member of the JMP US advisory committee Victoria Gehrt  and member of the JMF Armenia advisory committee Sister Arousiag Sajonyan delivered welcoming speeches  and thanked the guests for sharing with the JMF the delight of the day.

Thanking the guests for coming to celebrate 20 years of the JMF’s progress in Armenia, Mrs. Victoria Gehrt mentioned: “The essential ingredients to achieving the successful results in Armenia are first of all you for being such strong and reliable partners.  Second, because of the support from many international organisations. And third, building the trust and cooperation of the community.”

During the speech Eliza Minasyan told: “The endowment fund established by Vartan Jinishian, born in Marash, western Armenia, designated to prosperity of Armenians is operating for almost 50 years. One of the notes of Vartan Jinishian says  "a cheerful giver is one who gives 50% with a smile rather than 100% with a frown". Nevertheless, Vartan Jinishian, gave 100% of all what he had and made it with a real willingness and a smile. Starting from 1966, four generations of Armenians became beneficiaries of this incredible gift”.

The official ceremony was followed by the presentation of the Jinishian Memorial Foundation’s 20-th anniversary project and the dinner.