Vartkes Kassouni, Orange, CA--Going to Armenia as a tourist has its rewards, however going there with a mission has its special and unexpected rewards. Mrs. Kassouni and I had the privilege of going there in June and connecting with the programs of Jinishian Foundation… A year ago, after some 53 years, when I first met Mr. Jinishian in New York, I reconnected with him by way of volunteering to serve in the promotion of its programs in California, and then traveling to see with my own eyes…

On June 27, 2017 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation presented “Play it Fair” project results.  The goal of the project is to promote the advancement of human rights culture in Armenia via educating children on Human Rights principles and values from their early years in school. The project was implemented by the Jinishian Memorial foundation in the scope of the Democracy Commission Small Grant program of the US Embassy in Yerevan.
A brief project description was given and project results were presented during the meeting, which was followed by the “Play it Fair” project film. Representatives from the US Embassy in Armenia, RA Ministry of Education and Science, RA National Institute of Education as well as from different local and international organizations together with the directors, deputy directors, teachers and parents of schools were present at the meeting. The guests had the opportunity to express their opinion about the project, to make recommendations and present their vision on the future course of the project. 


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